Essential Tools

Essential Tools for the Job

Here we have a list of tools which you will need to carry out wallpapering. Don’t “make do” with your current tools and equipment, get the best professional finish possible! 

Pasting brush - A thick brush with wide-area bristles that holds lots of paste is ideal. 

Paste - All-purpose pastes will cover most jobs and can be mixed to different strengths. Tip: It is best to pick a paste if it has been recommended by the wallpaper manufacture.

Pasting table - A smooth flat surface for pasting your wallpaper. Tip: once you have pasted each strip of wallpaper it’s good practice to wipe your table, this will stop a build up of paste.

Stepladder - A strong sturdy stepladder for the places you can't quite reach.

Bucket - A bucket is needed for mixing your paste. Tip: Wipe excess paste from the pasting brush back into the bucket for maxium use.

Straight edge/Metal ruler - This can be Held against the skirting board or coving, then using a trimming knife trim away the excess paper.

Trimming knife - Knives with retractable or snap-off blades are good for trimming the wallpaper. Tip: Paper blunts the knife quickly so changing the blade regularly is important.

Plumb line and bob - Making sure that your first length of wallpaper is straight is so important, so use a plumb line and bob achieve this. Hold the plumb line high against the wall and mark a perfect vertical line using the string as your guide.

Tape measure and pencil – Sounds simple, but these are two of the key essentials you will need. Tip: Don't use water-based pens they will bleed into your wallpaper when wet.

Scissors - Long sharp blades are best for cutting a straight line. 

Wallpaper scraper - This will remove any bits of wallpaper, an essential tool in the preparation before you start to wallpaper.

Steam roller - Roll this along the edges of each length of paper after hanging to make sure they are stuck down firmly. 

Sponge – Pasting and wallpapering can be messy, it's important to wipe it off any surfaces especailly wallpaper, with a damp sponge before it dries.